outshine product offering

Whether you’re a small team of 10 or a multinational of thousands, enjoy an end-to-end learning solution with outshine as your training partner.

With branded off-the-shelf or bespoke e-learning development from us and a cloud-based learning management system to deliver the learning content and employee training online; why partner with anyone else when outshine can provide it all in one place?

As your training partner, outshine forges a learning solution with you, from the most demanding corporate to the lone content expert, we’ll help to deliver your training online anywhere and anytime.

cloud-based LMS development & hosting

Here’s a few of the benefits of choosing outshine as your preferred LMS hosting partner:

cloud based
Enterprise grade cloud based hosting to administer, track, report and deliver your online learning courses.

on-demand scalability
With outshine, we help you to  deliver content on your LMS when traffic is high, and scale it down when things are quieter, saving you mega bucks.

mobile ready
We work with you to ensure your LMS is accessible from any mobile or desktop browser, and guide you on how best to design content that works for mobile first, we’ll even brand your very own LMS app for iOS and Android.

bleeding-edge updates
Your LMS solution, hosted with us, is updated every two weeks with a security release and bi-annually with major new functionality developed by a global team that lives and breathes e-learning.

plugin installation
We believe our LMS solution will meet most requirements out the box, but for more extended functionality we’ll deploy community add-ons after testing if required.

personalised look & feel
Your LMS will be branded with your corporate CI and students are able to logon via a Single Sign On provider your organisation prefers so you can get folk learning in a familiar environment.

learning programmes

We know that course content development can be expensive, which is why outshine has partnered with leading experts to provide you with courses that are universally applicable. We’ll package a few of our courses together, work with you to brand it if necessary, and deliver it right on your very own LMS, hosted with us.

Some of the themes where we can help deliver off-the-shelf, ready to go e-learning are:

  • Employee training and essential compliance training for our UK & South African clients including, anti-bribery and corruption courses and protection of information.
  • Cultural and institutional culture and sensitivity training to ensure you maintain a diverse and therefore engaged space for all employees to be the most productive and happy in your industry.
  • At outshine, we know now important selling is to any business. That’s why we developed a course “close that sale” for the discerning customer facing employee!

bespoke e-learning

At outshine we pride ourselves in developing custom content with your corporate flavours, keeping your employees engaged and your brand’s valued identity and corporate culture front and center.

Here’s some of the benefits of choosing outshine as your preferred bespoke e-learning content provider:

  • Using your policies, we transform it into a fully online course to be taken by employees as often and whenever they need to.
  • Our content is fully SCORM compliant which means you can track usage and engagement with content, anywhere and anytime.
  • We build content with you from the ground up, making sure it’s attractive, inspiring and delivers the learning outcomes you for set for learners.
  • All our courses are designed to work on mobile first, and accessible using any mobile browser or even on your own LMS app.
  • Courseware is designed so that it can be updated easily when required, or even translated into other languages with ease.
  • We help tailor your learning into immersive and content rich e-learning packages after an in depth consultation to understand what your learning should do to change behaviour at your organisation.