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Ready to go digital and access your learning anytime, anywhere and on any device? Outshine hosts all digital learning resources on your own Moodle LMS based in the cloud.

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Learners can choose from various learning and skills development programs. Learners explore critical thinking through cognitive learning. Ideal for busy employees both in their role today and as they plan for the next stage of their career.

track and report

Tracking an online learning program is critical to evaluate the performance of learners. An LMS can automate all the tracking and recording activities, maintain records of learners’ details, score sheets, grade reports, issue of certificates and much more.

meet outshine

Kerry Hewitt-Snyders founded outshine in 2014. It started out as a small coaching business and soon moved into e-learning to address the demand of “anytime, anywhere” learning.

James Hamilton joined outshine in 2015 as Director and brought his big ideas of making outshine an end-to-end learning provider.

So here we are today, join us now and you can be part of our story.

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To love outshine with our whole heart, if we can achieve this we know we’ll provide the best products for our customers to love.

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Providing clients with end-to-end learning, we’re able to provide cloud based LMS or Learning Management Systems using Moodle, off-the-shelf learning programs and bespoke e-learning platforms. Why go anywhere else when we can provide it all in one place?

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To try out our off-the-shelf e-learning programs and peruse our LMS platform. Please fill in your contact details so we can invite you to a free demo.

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